Ahaw, Anishinaabem

(OK , Speak Ojibwe)

Authors: B. Jeff Monague

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Genre: Instructional
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Length: 40 Pages
Published: December 2014

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Learn to speak Ojibwe with this Ojibwe Language phrase book for beginners of the Ojibwe Language. The book includes a tutorial on the Fiero (Double Vowel) writing system and a link to audio so you can listen, learn, and speak in just hours!


What a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn about the Ojibway language. I have been told that language equals culture and have been looking for a resource to help me learn my language. Thank you B. Jeff Monague for making this possible. I highly recommend this [e]book and audio file. ~ Amazon



At the time of this writing in 2014, our community of Christian Island, in Ontario Canada is nearing the extinction of our beautiful Ojibwe Language; a Language that I was fortunate to have grown up speaking.

This phrase book for beginners will be the first in a series to assist in the return and preservation of Anishinaabemowin, our Language. It reflects the local dialect which is a mixture of Odawa, Pottawatami, and Southern Ojibwe due to the historical amalgamation of the displaced Ojibwe peoples and dialects to Christian Island in 1856. Ojibwe dialects are as varied as the geography and distance of the peoples are from one another but then so is the English Language. Dialect differences feature many nuances such as vowel deletion (syncope), and slang but the base Language is always Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe).

This publication is written using the Fiero System which is also known as the Double Vowel System. This writing system, ironically, was devised by a Jesuit (Fiero) to assist in the teaching of Christianity to native people. Now, here we are decades later, having to use it to teach our young their own language.

The Fiero system is the preferred method simply due to the fact that over the years there have been many misrepresentations, misinterpretations, and mispronunciations, of our Language. An example of this is the phonetic spelling of Chi Cheemaun, which when spelled in Fiero is the more appropriate G'chi Jiimaan (Big Canoe).

Note, that the appropriate glottal sound (G'chi) is affixed, but lost when presented phonetically. Another reason that the Fiero System is the preferred method is because that, is at present, the writing system we are using to teach the Language to our children in our schools. With that, included in this phrase book is a tutorial on how to properly use the Fiero writing system so that speaking the phrases presented in this and subsequent publications will be made easier once the reader masters the writing system.


About the Author

B. Jeff Monague

B. Jeff Monague whose Ojibwe name is Myiingan, is an Ojibwe Language teacher with Georgian College in Barrie Ontario, Canada. He has also taught Grades Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 and has been a teacher of the language since the year 2000.

He is a musician, a Veteran of the Canadian Military, and a former Chief of his home community of Christian Island, (G’chi Nme Mnissing) Ontario, Canada. It is here that he was raised and where he learned the Ojibwe language as it was the first language he spoke as a child.